How To Send EQUAL Tokens?


Developers running ICOs raise funds for application-specific tokens that are used for transactions or membership fees inside their own application. These tokens can also experience value decline when compared to Ethereum, resulting in an application token that is more of a hinderance to the end user than utilising Ethereum itself. This results in a fractured token market where most tokens could be replaced by a single, multi-platform utility token, incorporating a self-deflationary growth mechanisim to ensure stable, long term, growth, while also bridging the gap between a wide range of applications.

EQUAL in a Nutshell

EQUAL is a multi-platform application token, unifying digital services by providing a cryptocurrency to be used across a range of applications, rather than an ICO token built for a single application purpose.

Self Deflationary Cryptocurrency

To provide steady sustainable growth, EQUAL or (EQL token for short) has baked in a transactional fee of 1% or max of 250 EQL. This transactional fee is not for profit and will be burnt.

Token Burning

By burning the transaction fee, the total supply of EQUAL is for ever in decline. This process will increase the value of all tokens held by token holders, because each token holders percentage ownership will be gradually rising relative to the circulating supply.

100% Airdropped

Three reasons why EQUAL is NOT running an ICO.

  1. ICO pre-sales favour the Whales
  2. Whales use high transaction fees to secure tokens
  3. Pre-sale investors flash dump to secure quick profits


The EQL token aims to be the most widespread cross-platform utility token used in a range of tech-oriented applications. In order to speed up the adoption of EQL, a seed offering of tokens will be made available to established service providers, who are looking to adopt the token for use inside their own application as an in-application currency or reward.

Powered by Ethereum.

EQUAL is an ERC-20 token built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, the world's most widely used cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

Fair Distribution

Saturation in the ICO market will eventually have a negative effect on the cryptocurrency industry as a whole, leading to an increased proportion of failed projects and lost investor funds.

EQUAL is providing a solution to this problem by transferring 100% of the allocated distribution tokens via an Airdrop strategy, this provides or will provide maximum decentralisation and a strong anti-whale approach to token creation and distribution.

Compatible Wallets

A list of Ethereum wallets compatible with EQUAL.

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Road Map

  • Quarter 3 - 2017

    Idea Conception

  • Quarter 4 - 2017

    EQUAL ERC-20 contract creation.
    Website launch.
    Airdrop round 1 Registration.
    Airdrop round 1 Distribution.
    Whitepaper V 1.0
    EQUAL contract swap & redistribution.
    First exchange listing.
    Airdrop Round 2 registration.

  • Quarter 1 - 2018

    CoinMarketCap listing.
    Airdrop round 2 distribution.
    DISCORD group (Opens to community).
    Bountie campaign Launch v1.0
    More paid exchange listings.
    Whitepaper v2.0 Release
    Exchange community voting bounties.

  • Quarter 2 - 2018

    EQUAL Wallet Launch.
    Bounty campaign v2.0
    New unannounced product / service planning.

  • Quarter 3 - 2018

    Seed offering opens. (Incentivised EQL product development for third party developers)
    EQUAL Wallet improvements.
    Unannounced product / service development.
    Bounty campaign v3.0

  • Quarter 4 - 2018

    Attraction of investors for the next working year.
    EQUAL launches first product / service.
    Creating a roadmap version 3.0.