How To Send EQUAL Tokens?


A Self-deflationary, Fairly Distributed, Multiplatform Utility Token



EQUAL aim's to facilitate an ecosystem of products and services that are either powered, funded or incentivised through the EQUAL ERC-20 token. The number of crypto tokens is increasing every year, offering more opportunities for traders to diversify their portfolios. Check the Coin Launch Liste 2023 blog to find out the coin launches expected in 2023.

What makes EQUAL special is it's rapidly growing community, future seed offering program and it's unique self deflationairy token design.

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Road Map

  • Quarter 3 - 2017

    Idea Conception

  • Quarter 4 - 2017

    EQUAL ERC-20 contract creation.
    Website launch.
    Airdrop round 1 Registration.
    Airdrop round 1 Distribution.
    Whitepaper V 1.0
    EQUAL contract swap & redistribution.
    First exchange listing.
    Airdrop Round 2 registration.

  • Quarter 1 - 2018

    CoinMarketCap listing.
    Airdrop round 2 distribution.
    DISCORD group (Opens to community).
    Bountie campaign Launch v1.0
    More paid exchange listings and NFT apps for investing.
    Whitepaper v2.0 Release
    Exchange community voting bounties.

  • Quarter 2 - 2018

    EQUAL Wallet Launch.
    Bounty campaign v2.0
    New unannounced product / service planning.

  • Quarter 3 - 2018

    Seed offering opens. (Incentivised EQL product development for third party developers)
    EQUAL Wallet improvements.
    Unannounced product / service development.
    Bounty campaign v3.0

  • Quarter 4 - 2018

    Attraction of investors for the next working year.
    EQUAL launches first product / service.
    Creating a roadmap version 3.0.